LAN Messenger Windows 10

LAN Messaging Description

The LAN Messenger is an easy to use instant LAN messaging application that allows for safe and secure intra-office communication. The focus of this new system is that it offers a simple to use product with many different options for communication including the following;
  • Encrypted instant messaging
  • Works only within your company network
  • No server required
  • No Internet connection required
  • Works on Microsoft and Citrix Terminal Services
  • Files exchange
  • Remote Desktop Sharing
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In addition, there is a drop and drag file transfer feature that allows for files and folders to be exchanged between employees. The entire system is encrypted for extra security so that no one outside the network will be able to see or understand the information that is being communicated through the LAN Messenger.

An employee can set up the system rather easily thanks to the ability to create user groups and put the names of fellow employees who are part of the system into a particular group. In that manner, a person may have several groups where one or more employee is shared. This is a great way of communicating in teams and those who are not involved will also not get the messages.

The Instant LAN Messenger is certainly a user-friendly system that offers many features which require far less in terms of IT support than many other systems on the market today.

The Advantages of the LAN Messenger

There are a number of features included in the LAN Messenger system that help make it a potent purchase for offices to help protect their communication efforts.


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Is the LAN Messenger the Right System for Your Needs?

The truth is that this particular instant messaging system has very few, if any downsides. The encryption alone brings with it the security needed to ensure that whatever messages are being sent cannot be decoded from outside sources. While administrators might like to have a bit more control over what groups employees join, that is a very minor issue considering all the advantages that is offered.

The LAN Messenger is quite unique in being a simple, powerful, easy to use instant messenger that will help your internal communications.


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